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NJF seminar 457
Sustainable Agriculture in The Baltic Sea Region with focus on climate change
30-31 October 2012 Sweden
At this conference sustainable agriculture in the Baltic Sea Region will be presented and discussed in relation to climate change. Sustainable Agriculture has been defined by Baltic 21- An Agenda for the Baltic Sea Region as follows:
“Agriculture contributes significantly to the society of the future. Sustainable agriculture is the production of high quality food and other agricultural products/services in the long run with consideration taken to economy and social structure, in such a way that the resource base of non-renewable and renewable resources is maintained. Important sub-goals are:
1. Farmers’ income should be sufficient to provide a fair standard of living in the agricultural community.
2. Farmers should practise production methods which do not threaten human or animal health or degrade the environment, including biodiversity, and at the same time minimise our environmental problems for which future generations must assume responsibility”.
3. Non-renewable resources have to gradually be replaced by renewable resources and recirculation of non-renewable resources maximised.
4. Sustainable agriculture will meet society’s needs of food and recreation and preserve the landscape, cultural values and the historical heritage of rural areas and contribute to create stable, well-developed and secure rural communities.
5. The ethical aspects of agricultural production are secured.”
(Helsinki Commission, 1998)

The theme of this conference is Sustainable Agriculture in Baltic Sea Region with focus on climate change. After one day of general presentations and discussions two parallel sessions are planned.
1. Plant production, plant nutrition, plant protection
2. Livestock production, environment, animal health

Contributions (posters and papers) are welcome in the following areas.
Crop Production/protection etc.
- Land use / land resources / soil fertility
- Plant nutrition (losses, environmental)
- Forage crops / new crop-climate change
- Plant health measures, threats from new pests in a changing climate, implementation of IPM (Integrated Pest Management) in Europe, adverse effects of pesticides

Livestock Production
- Vector-borne diseases, risks in warmer climates?
- Spread of infection via water
- Resistance to antibiotics

We hope that presentations and discussions will increase understanding and knowledge on how sustainable agriculture can contribute to more environmentally friendly agriculture and reduced negative environmental impact on the Baltic Sea in the light of changing climate. We also hope that this conference with participants from different countries and disciplines will contribute to improved understanding of the problems that we can expect in the context of changing climate and how we can limit the negative effects but also take advantage of the opportunities offered.
Plant production
Plant nutrition
Plant protection
Livestock production
Animal health
Keynote speakers
Keynote speakers/invited speakers
Helena Jonsson, Chairman of LRF, Sweden
Dr René Bødker, epidemiologist, National Veterinary Institute, Denmark
Dr Renat Selimov, St.Petersburg Veterinary Authority and Veterinary Academy, St. Petersburg, Russia
Professor Baiba Rivza, President of Latvia Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, Latvia
Dr Toomas Tiirats, Estonia
Target group
- Advisers and extension workers
- Researchers
- Representatives from grower’s associations
- Policy makers
- Stakeholders of the food sector
- All other interested parties
- PhD students
- Environmental and agricultural governmental organizations
Call for papers and posters
When submitting an offered paper, an abstract of 1 page (approximately 750 words) OR a full paper with a length of 2000-3500 words (approximately 3 to 5 pages) is required. The abstract should be prepared in English in Microsoft Word (.DOC, .DOCX or .RTF format), including heading, tables, figures and references. Throughout the text, use 2.5 cm margins on all sides, Times New Roman 12 pt lower-case letters, single spacing, left alignment, no extra space before or after lines, and paragraphs separated by an empty line. Full names (first name, middle initials, last name), affiliations and postal addresses of all authors should be stated. E-mail address of corresponding author should be given.
The full paper should normally contain the following parts: Heading (full title, authors, author affiliations), Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Material and methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, Acknowledgements (optional) and References. Full names (first name, middle initials, last name), affiliations and postal addresses of all authors should be stated. E-mail address of corresponding author should be given. Tables and figures should be embedded in the text.

Full papers and abstracts are to be submitted by e-mail to bjorn.le.andersson@slu.se

Final registration: 2012-10-15

Parallel sessions during the seminar
General presentations 30 October
- Crop production, crop protection, animal production, animal health, environment, 30 October
Conference dinner at 19.00 on 30 October
- Conference dinner at 19.00, 30 October
Presentations 31 October
- Crop production, crop protection, plant nutrition, 31 October
- Livestock production, environment, animal health, 31 October
Additional information
Seminar fee includes lunches, dinner and refreshments. Accomodation is not included in seminar fee. You have to make hotel room reservation yourself.

Hotel room reservation at the following hotels:

Hotel Uppsala: Room price / night: 1299 SEK- including VAT http://www.profilhotels.com/hoteluppsala/

Park Inn: Room Price/night: 1550 SEK- including VAT http://www.parkinn.com/hotel-uppsala

Hotel Svava: Room Price/night: 1220 SEK- including VAT http://www.hotelsvava.com/

Participation fee
NJF members before 2012-10-10: 3000 SEK
NJF members after 2012-10-10: 3800 SEK
Others before 2012-10-10: 3600 SEK
Others after 2012-10-10: 4500 SEK
Students before 2012-10-10: 2500 SEK
Students after 2012-10-10: 3100 SEK
Seminar location
The seminar will be held at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Ultuna, Uppsala, Sweden.
Important deadlines
- Final registration: 2012-09-09
- Submission of abstracts for oral presentations: 2012-09-10
- Submission of abstracts for poster presentations: 2012-09-10
- Notification of acceptance for oral and poster presentations: 2012-09-20
Organizing committee
Professor Harry Linner, SLU, Sweden
Associate professor Ann Albihn, SVA, Sweden
Professor Leif Norrgren, SLU, Sweden
Christine Jakobsson, SLU, Sweden
Svein Skoien, NJF's president, Norway
Senior scientist Irmeli Markula, NJF section Plants, Finland
Professor Inara Turka, Lativa University of Agriculture, Latvia
Senior Scientist Roma Semaškienė, Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry, Lithuania
Associate professor Elisabeth Nadeau, NJF Section Animals, Sweden
Associate professor Roland Sigvald, NJF and SLU, seminar secretary
Dr Björn Andersson, SLU, Sweden
Seminar contact
Roland Sigvald Sweden.
E-mail: roland.sigvald@slu.se

Seminar no. 457
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