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I’ve been working in a storage in Houston for a couple of years now. Since my first day, I’ve been in the same team. Interestingly, no one has started nor left the team since then. The group that I’m a part of at the storage in Houston has been the same for 4,5 years. This text is going to be a celebration to this group.

If you want to read about the regular things and not take part of the story of my storage in Houston – You’re very welcome to come back earlier next week. I will present the latest products on Monday or Tuesday.

Here we go with the team.


Jan is our boss, and she has been our boss for a long time. Sometimes we are joking about the fact that she looks a bit like Jan from The Office. She is also a boss, and sometimes not a super good one. Our Jan is great though. I think we have a lot to thank her for at the storage in Houston. She is just great.


Not only does he have the greatest name in the whole storage in Houston. He is also the oldest and possibly the nicest person in the whole building. That says a lot, since many people are working at the storage in Miami. He is the guy who always helps you when you need it. It goes for a lot of things. If you need help with the work stuff, he’ll be there. If you need to talk to someone, he is happy to help.


Tina is the youngest person in the crew. Even younger than me, even if it’s only 8 months younger. She might be young, but she has a better overview of the work at the storage in Houston than anyone. It’s a good thing that she is working with economy so that we can make sure that we don’t mess anything up.


Jim and I started at the storage in Houston approximately at the same time. Since then, we’ve become very close friends. We were not that close in the beginning, but during the years, our friendship has grown. He is the only one that I regularly hang out with after finishing work at the storage in Houston.

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